1.Managing your Profile

Profile photo

Go to Dooth > More options > Settings > Tap the camera icon > Edit.
You can delete your current photo, take a new photo with your camera or select a photo from your photo gallery.

Profile Name

Go to Dooth > More options > Settings.
Tap your profile photo and then tap your Profile Name.
Note: This name will only appear for contacts who do not have your contact info saved in their phone.

2.Unregister Account

Go to Dooth > More options > Settings > Advanced > Tap on Unregister from Dooth. This will hide your information’s from Dooth services. To enable the communication again please re-register your Phone Number.

3.How to change Theme

Go to Dooth > More options > Settings > General > Appearance > Theme.
The default Theme is metallic, and you can change to Dark mode, depending on your preferences.

4.Invite to Dooth

Go to Dooth > More options > Invite friends > select an App from the App Drawer through which the invitation link you want to send to your friends > select the contact from your address book > tap send.