Privacy is the core of each and every human being. And for the same, Dooth is focusing mainly on the privacy and security of its users. In order to assure privacy and security follow these steps:

Open Dooth chat, Tap More options  > settings > General> security > App security
You can secure Dooth via 4 digits PIN or use your device screen lock.

This additional Dooth security code is designed to prevent unauthorized registration of your phone number on a different device.

Open Dooth chat,
Tap More options  > settings > General > security >Hack proof Dooth Account
Here you can,

  1. Secure Dooth by 6-digit Security Code. If you are already set Dooth security code, you can change from here.
  2. In the event you forget your Security Code, you will have an option to request an email recovery of the code or if you already set an email id you can change the email id on your preference.
  3. You can also ‘Disable Dooth security code’ if you don’t have any security preferences.

Chat security gives privacy to App access, Communications & Block list.

App access:

Open Dooth chat,
tap More options  >  settings > Privacy > App access.

Here you can enable or disable privacy settings in accordance with your preferences.

  1. Recent chat privacy
    • Enabling ‘Recent chat privacy’ will hide the last messages in the chat list.
  1. Video call security
    • This is an exclusive feature of Dooth. Enabling ‘Video call security’ will set a randomly generated security pin to start a video call, which gives additional security to video calls. Dooth does not access your camera before establishing a secure video call.
  1.  Screen security
    • Enabling ‘Screen security’ will block screenshots in the recent list and inside the app.
  1. Incognito keyboard
    • Whatever you type will be remembered by the keyboard’s dictionary, to use later as a suggestion. Your email, web addresses, logins, plain-text passwords, expressions or particular vocabulary that you used. It’s a privacy breach in the other sense so Dooth providing a feature to enable or disable ‘Incognito keyboard’.

Tap on the ‘Incognito keyboard’, it will allow you to disable personalized learning of your device keyboard.


Open Dooth chat,
Tap More options  > Settings > Privacy > Communications.

Here you can enable or disable communication settings based on your preference.

  1.  Read receipts
    • If read receipts are disabled you won’t be able to see read receipts from others.
  2.  Typing indicators
    • If typing indicators are disabled you won’t be able to see typing indicators from others
  3.  Send link previews
    • By enabling ‘Send link previews’, you can see a preview of the hyperlink. Previews are supported for Imgur, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube links.

Open Dooth chat,
Tap More options  > Settings > Privacy > Communications > Blocked contacts.

You can see the blocked contact list here.